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JT Fire Protection – turvaa toimintasi. JT Fire Protection – safeguarding your actions. JT Fire Protection – Защищает вашм действия

JT Fire Protection is specialized in training personnel of companies and private organizations towards a secure and healthy future and to react to accident situations with alertness and deliberate consideration. By choosing the correct course of action, an educated staff is able to both intercept material and humane casualties in advance and to alleviate the consequences once an accident has taken place.

The goal of our trainings is to enhance the safety culture in companies and private organizations; To instruct personnel to identify the risks, act with efficiency in dangerous situations and to minimize casualties during emergencies.

The duration for majority of our safety trainings is one working day (8 hours). The trainings may be organized in either clients’ or our premises, and they are executed in all circumstances within a laid-back and motivating atmosphere, without compromising statutory regulations. The prices for our trainings are defined by services, location and the preferred point of time of the training.

In 2015 our company has grown to be able to offer services to our clients in the whole of Finland and we are currently seeking to expand our operations to covering the Baltic countries and Northern Europe..

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All of our trainers are working mainly in emergency services and they are qualified with years of experience in working- and fire-safety, accidents and first aid.

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