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Rescue plans

A rescue plan must be created for all residential buildings, in which there are at least three housing units. The rescue plan must be formulated for each building while paying attention to the particular characteristics. If the property consists of several buildings, it must be considered whether the buildings are in need of different rescue plans. The responsibility of communication, creating and updating the rescue plan is on the administration of the housing cooperative.

Hazardous locations, risks, instructions for avoiding the risks and for actions in emergency situations are presented within the rescue plan.

Old rescue plans must be updated within two years from inception of the law, in other words by 01.07.2013.

A rescue plan had to be created for new buildings within a year from inception of the Rescue Act of 2011, in other words by 01.07.2013.

We create rescue plans for housing cooperatives. An expert creates a down-to-earth rescue plan quickly and with consideration in regards to the target’s special characteristics. On-site security check-up and a report of observations and development areas is always part of the rescue planning. Informing residents of the rescue plan, required by the law, is taken care of conveniently by security instructions distributed to the residents. If needed, the expert having created the rescue plan will familiarize the residents with it, for example during a general meeting.

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