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Snow drop services

lumikolaDoes the weight of snow threaten the roof of your house or summer cottage? The load of snow building up on the roof poses hazards both to people and to structures of the building. Heavy snow weighs on the structures of the roof and may at worst damage them considerably.

When performed by professionals, the snow dropping is always done according to strict security regulations. Thus the procedure is safe for the snow droppers, habitants of the house and possible bypassers.

When snow drop is performed correctly, a snow layer of few centimetres is left on the roof in order to protect the roof from burden of the winter and to keep the roof safe for working also for the next time of snow dropping. With this procedure the roof will also be protected from damage, since working instruments will not touch its surface.

We perform the works professionally and safely. Our headquarters is located in Ylöjärvi, but we also offer our services widely throughout the Pirkanmaa region. When possible, we also work in archipelagos. Our clients consist of private households, housing cooperatives and companies.

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