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Follow-up courses to driver's professional competence

Besides initial training for professional competence, drivers of passenger and freight transports must also complete follow-up courses. Through professional competence training, drivers acquire skills that raise the quality of transport and services, while also enabling them to improve occupational safety.

Initial training for professional competence has been required from all new drivers of goods vehicles and passenger-carrying vehicles from 10 September 2008 for passenger transport and from 10 September 2009 for freight transport.

Drivers who obtained their licence to drive a bus, coach or lorry prior to the above-mentioned dates do not need to take initial training. However, in order to maintain their professional competence, they must complete a 35-hour follow-up course by 10 September 2013 for passenger transport and by 10 September 2014 for freight transport. The 35- hour follow up course must be completed every five years, with the duration of each training day being at least 7 hours.

The duration of driver’s professional competence can be continued at one time for five years with the follow-up courses for as long as the driver has himself the right to drive.


Online follow-up courses to driver’s professional competence

With follow-up courses to driver’s professional competence, we help our customers to take advantage of modern training conveniently in digital format.

Our concept includes a platform implemented as a network service, recording, content production and real-time training throughout the entire course.

The training includes sharing of real-time video footage online, with which the participants get to take part interactively in the event. The service is suitable for transmitting of training events.

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